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Edelbrock 91102
Details  •  Edelbrock Corporation  •  Qwikdata Basic-Upgrade
Our Price: $413.41
QwikData is expandable. If you already own a Basic QwikData ECU and are ready to step up to the next level, send us your ECU. We'll upgrade your ECU to match the specs for the Advanced unit. Must...
Edelbrock 91102 Basic ECU Upgrade (original ECU must be sent to Edelbrock)
Edelbrock 91103
Details  •  Edelbrock Corporation  •  Qwikdata Harness
Our Price: $350.41
Edelbrock 91103 Bracket Racing Wiring Harness
(8 analog channels & 6 digital channels)
This fully assembled wiring harness can be used as part of your custom tailored QwikData...
Edelbrock 91106
Details  •  Edelbrock Corporation  •  Qwikdata Analog Input
Our Price: $175.10
Edelbrock 91106 QwikData Analog Input Extension Wiring Harness
4 ft. plug in extension harness to extend the analog channel wiring. One harness extends 4 analog inputs.
Edelbrock 91107
Details  •  Edelbrock Corporation  •  Qwikdata Laptop Harness
Our Price: $74.40
Edelbrock 91107 QwikData PC Desktop Harness
Mini harness with 120V AC adapter allows you to easily download stored runs from QwikData at home, office or race trailer.
Edelbrock 91109
Details  •  Edelbrock Corporation  •  Qwikdata Egt Thermocouplr
Our Price: $138.77
Edelbrock 91109 QwikData EGT Thermocouple (analog, 1/8in NPT)
90 degree EGT probe insatlls in exhaust headers to monitor combustion. Use in conjunction with TK thermocouple signal converter....
Edelbrock 91110
Details  •  Edelbrock Corporation  •  Qwikdata General Purpose
Our Price: $76.59
Edelbrock 91110 QwikData General Purpose Thermocouple Extension Wiring Harness
4 ft. cable and plugs to extend general purpose thermcouple harness to TK-4 thermocouple converter.
Edelbrock 91111
Details  •  Edelbrock Corporation  •  Qwikdata Thermocouple
Our Price: $47.06
Edelbrock 91111 QwikData General Purpose Thermocouple Extension Wiring Harness
4 ft. cable and plugs to extend general purpose thermocouple harness to TK-4 thermocouple converter.
Edelbrock 91115
Details  •  Edelbrock Corporation  •  Qwikdata Wheel/Shaft Snor
Our Price: $74.31
Edelbrock 91115 QwikData Wheel/Shaft Speed Sensor Kit (digital)
Magnetic type sensor fo monitoring converter slip, or to use as a replacement sensor for wheel/driveshaft sensor kits. Includes:...
Edelbrock 91116
Details  •  Edelbrock Corporation  •  Qwikdata Mag Pos Sensor
Our Price: $64.26
Edelbrock 91116 QwikData Shaft Sensor
Replacement sensor for all magnetic type shaft speed sensors.
Edelbrock 91117
Details  •  Edelbrock Corporation  •  Qwikdata Cobalt Magnet
Our Price: $10.90
Edelbrock 91117 QwikData Cobalt Magnet (2 per package)
Replacement rare earth magnets for all shaft speed sensors.
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41 Total Results - 5 Pages
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