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Lakewood Performance Parts

Lakewood has been the leader in safety and suspension products for over 25 years. Lakewood bellhousings are hydro-formed for maximum strength and safety and have more specific applications than any competitor. The Lakewood line also includes traction bars, driveshaft safety loops, u-joints, engine stands and a whole lot more.
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Featured Parts

Lakewood 18000
Details  •  Lakewood  •  Drive Shaft Loop - Universal
Our Price: $32.95
A broken U-joint at speed can spell disaster. The spinning driveshaft can destroy the bottom of your car, and if it digs into to the pavement, could flip your vehicle over. A drive shaft loop like...
Lakewood 18000 Universal Zinc-Plated Drive Shaft Safety Loop is fully adjustable to fit most vehicles. 4 piece design made from 1/4" x 2" mild steel.
Lakewood 15501
Details  •  Lakewood  •  Bellhousing Adj Pivot Ball-GM
Our Price: $26.95
This kit is designed to enable you to gain additional height adjustment of the clutch fork. This will eliminate any release problems when installing a high performance clutch. It is recommended...
Lakewood 15501 Clutch Fork Pivot Ball, Adjustable, Steel, Black Oxide, Chevy/Pontiac/Oldsmobile
Lakewood 20475
Details  •  Lakewood  •  Bar Universal Traction Yellow
Our Price: $61.95
Lakewood Industries has designed these universal traction bars to fit most leaf spring vehicles. They will reduce rear wheel hop and strengthen the rear suspension. The result is better traction...
Lakewood 20475 Universal Traction Bars
Lakewood 40101
Details  •  Lakewood  •  Drag Shock-90/10 Ford/GM/Mopar
Our Price: $58.95
This 90/10 front racing shock from Lakewood will help deliver maximum weight transfer to the rear wheels. It allows the front to rise quickly then resists compression to keep it there. Includes...
Lakewood 40101 Front drag race shock absorber
Fits Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac A and G body vehicles
Lakewood 40300
Details  •  Lakewood  •  Drag Shock-50/50 GM
Our Price: $58.95
Lakewood's 50/50 rear shock absorbers will properly load the rear tires and help prevent overreaction and wheel hop. This shock is an excellent choice for all-around street/strip use on vehicles...
Lakewood 40300 Rear Shock Absorber
Fits 1958-1990, GM vehicles.
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