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Fuel System Accessories
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Moroso 65330
Details  •  Moroso  •  Fuel Line 3/8 Inch Od Alum
Our Price: $23.95
This large diameter, thin wall seamless tubing flows more fuel and eliminates starvation. It's lightweight and legal and most racing classes
Moroso 65330 Aluminum Fuel Line
Moroso 65225
Details  •  Moroso  •  Float Bowl Washer Kit
Our Price: $6.95
These Holley float bowl washers are the ultimate cure for those soggy fiber ones. These are made from nearly indestructible nylon and they are unaffected by fuel so they won't leak or break down...
Moroso 65225 Nylon Float Bowl Washer Kit
Moroso 65340
Details  •  Moroso  •  Fuel Line 1/2 Inch Od Alum
Our Price: $29.95
Moroso 65340 is manufactured from lightweight aluminum tubing. Moroso 65340 replaces small diameter fuel lines used in most production automobiles. Moroso 65340 features large diameter, .035"...
Aluminum Fuel Line, 25’ Coil

• 1/2” outside diameter
• Lightweight aluminum tubing
• .035" thick wall
• Eliminates fuel starvation
Moroso 65226
Details  •  Moroso  •  Clear View Sight Plugs
Our Price: $4.95
These clear sight plugs give you a window into your carburetor and enable you to check the float level without removing the plug and spilling any fuel.
Moroso 65226 Clear View Sight Plugs fits Holley carburetors.
Moroso 65750
Details  •  Moroso  •  Fuel Pump Push Rod
Our Price: $19.95
This lightweight fuel pump pushrod reduces reciprocating mass preventing pump arm float and the resulting fuel starvation. It has hardened ends and is ideal for drag racing, oval track competition,...
Moroso 65750 Lightweight fuel pump push rod
Fits Chevrolet V8s
Moroso 65380
Details  •  Moroso  •  Fuel Hose Fitting
Our Price: $6.95
These brass fittings make installing fuel lines quick and easy. They have NPT threads on one end and are barbed to accept a rubber hose on the other. Use them on fuel pumps, fuel pressure...
Moroso 65380 Fuel Hose Fittings
Moroso 65360
Details  •  Moroso  •  Fitting Fuel Gauge
Our Price: $12.95
This fitting enables you to splice a fuel pressure gauge into your existing fuel line. It features a 1/8" NPT hole for the gauge and 3/8" hose inlet and outlet for the fuel lines.
Moroso 65360 Fuel Pressure Gauge Fitting
Moroso 63766
Details  •  Moroso  •  Universal Expansion Tank
Our Price: $109.95
Moroso 63766 is fabricated of aluminum for strength with integral mounting bracket. Moroso 63766 is designed for several applications where a small volume remote tank is necessary. Moroso 63766...
Universal Rectangular Coolant Expansion Tank

• Fabricated of aluminum
• Increased coolant capacity
• 1 1/4" quart capacity
• Billet filler neck
Moroso 41090
Details  •  Moroso  •  Vacuum Line Cap Kit
Our Price: $4.95
Moroso 41090 Vacuum Caps, Plastic, Assortment, Set of 20
' Convenient kit provides a quick, sure way to seal vacuum line connections at carburetors, manifolds, etc. when vacuum lines have been...
Moroso 65770
Details  •  Moroso  •  Spring Holley Elec Pump
Our Price: $5.95
Moroso 65770 Fuel Pump Spring
• This heavy-duty fuel pump spring boosts Holley® electric fuel pump pressure from 12 to 19 psi and increases overall fuel volume
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64 Total Results - 7 Pages
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