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For the past 25 years NOS has been pioneering the nitrous industry with the most dominant nitrous product, sales, service, tech support and customer satisfaction. NOS has continued down that path of continuous research and development. Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) showed the world how to effectively harness the power of nitrous oxide for automotive use in the 1970&s. Since then, NOS has powered more racers than any other brand of nitrous. When you&re looking to go fast, rely on NOS to deliver the most power per dollar available. From stock engines to race vehicles, NOS has a kit for you.
Nitrous Oxide Systems Nitrous Oxide Systems Nitrous Oxide Systems Nitrous Oxide Systems Nitrous Oxide Systems
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Featured Parts

NOS 13760-24NOS
Details  •  Nitrous Oxide Systems  •  Stainless Steel Nitrous Flare Jet Pack
Our Price: $10.74
NOS has developed a proprietary process for manufacturing their line of Precision SS jets. This results in a level of accuracy and precision hole drilling that is far above any other product on the...
NOS 13760-24NOS Stainless Steel Flare Jet
NOS 15606NOS
Details  •  Nitrous Oxide Systems  •  Covered Toggle Switch
Our Price: $30.70
Covered Toggle Switch enables performance enthusiasts to activate solenoids, fuel pumps, etc. This switch keeps you from accidently blasting Nitrous into the engine before you are ready.
NOS 15606NOS Features
• Activates solenoids, fuel pumps, etc.
• Heavy Duty Specialty Switch
• Covered to avoid accidentally activation
NOS 16230NOS
Details  •  Nitrous Oxide Systems  •  Nitrous Bottle Nut & Washer
Our Price: $17.20
NOS 16230NOS is a -6AN nitrous bottle nut adapter and PTFE washer. Not all nitrous companies use 37º AN fittings in their nitrous kits. To avoid potential leaks, never mix 37º AN and...
Nitrous Bottle Nut and Washer

• Chrome plated brass
• -6AN bottle nut adapter
• PTFE washer
• Teflon washer
• Made in USA
NOS 13500NOS
Details  •  Nitrous Oxide Systems  •  Fan Spray Blue
Our Price: $16.19
Blue Fan Spray Nozzle (Jet Required) – Designed to be used as independent nozzles for Nitrous and fuel where installation restrictions might make the Fogger Nozzle impractical. Fan spray...
NOS 13500NOS Features
• Fully Adjustable
• Simple Jet Change
• Feature Injection At 90 degrees Angle
• Angle Spray To Suit Your Needs
NOS 15640NOS
Details  •  Nitrous Oxide Systems  •  Micro Switch
Our Price: $17.20
This Microswitch & Bracket enables you to activate solenoids, fuel pumps, and most anything else. NOS Micro Throttle Switch can be used as either the primary method of activating a Nitrous...
NOS 15640NOS Features
• To Activate Solenoids, Fuel Pumps, etc.
• Heavy-Duty Specialty Switch
• Controls System Operation
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