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Miscellaneous Tools
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Proform 66516
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Pinion Setting Tool For Rear Ends
Our Price: $107.99
This pinion setting tool from Proform can be used to measure the pinion gear depth on most domestic cars and trucks.
Proform 66516 Pinion Depth Gauge
Proform 66839
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Dual-Guage Leakdown Tester 14mm Spark Plug Adapter
Our Price: $74.97
This dual gauge leak-down tester from Proform can be used to test for blown head gaskets, bad rings, or burned valves. The left gauge records incoming air pressure and the right gauge measures...
Proform 66839 Dual gauge leak-down tester
Proform 67411
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Dial Vore Guage 2in-6in/.0005in
Our Price: $139.97
This complete dial bore gauge kit from Proform will enable you to determine exactly how much wear you have in each cylinder. The kit includes a handle that extends from 2 to 6 inches and it comes...
Proform 67411 Dial bore gauge
Proform 66484
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Professional Rocker Arm Stud Puller
Our Price: $41.97
Removing rocker arm studs is easy with this tool from Proform. It has ball bearings for smooth action and fittings for both 5/16" and 3/8" studs.
Proform 66484 Rocker Stud Remover
Proform 66485
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Pushrod Slotting Tool
Our Price: $21.97
Now you can easily modify your cylinder heads to accept 1.6 ratio rocker arms with this handy pushrod slotting tool from Proform. It enables you to lengthen the pushrod slot precisely with a common...
Proform 66485 Pushrod Slotting Tool for use on small block Chevrolet V8s
Proform 67400
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Air Hold Kit
Our Price: $14.97
This adapter will enable you to change your valve springs without removing the cylinder heads from the engine. Simply screw the adapter into the spark plug hole and connect an air source to it....
Proform 67400 Air Hold Kit
Proform 67410
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Vacuum Gauge
Our Price: $21.97
This gauge can help perform a variety of tests. It reads up to 30" of vacuum and 60 pounds of pressure. The gauge comes complete with the hose, a small brass cone, and a large rubber cone.
Proform 67410 Vacuum/Pressure Gauge
Proform 66146
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Exhaust Cover LS376 - 2pc Set
Our Price: $24.97
Proform 66147
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Exhaust Cover LS Racing 8pc Set
Our Price: $27.95
Proform 66483
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Cylinder Head Adjustable Work Stand
Our Price: $148.97
Proform's heavy duty cylinder head work stand will hold your head off the workbench. It has adjustable arms that enable you to set it at the proper height for ease of working and maximum stability.
Proform 66483 Adjustable Work Stand
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23 Total Results - 3 Pages
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