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How to bed in brake pads for street use

For street use brake pads it’s important to follow proper bed in procedures.  Failure to do so can hurt your performance and cause unnecessary brake noise.

A series of ten stops can do the job, but twenty stops are recommended.  This is how to do it:

1. Going from 15 to 60 mph, come to a partial stop.  Be sure not to come to a complete stop, as this can cause uneven pad wear.

2. The brakes should be between 50-60% during stops.  Make sure your pedal effort is about 50-60% of that for a full stop.

3. Do the stops in series, one after the other, allowing a little bit of cooling time in between.  This ensures that the bonding resins in the pads will be driven out.  Don’t let the pads or rotors cool too much between stops.

4. After this, go ahead and let the brakes cool to the surrounding temperature.

5. Repeat steps one through three.

6. After this, the brake bed in procedure will still require 200-250 miles of easy driving to be fully complete.



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