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How many times have you watched automotive how-to shows on cable TV and wondered how they make it look so easy, and where did they get all those expensive tools? If you're like most automotive enthusiasts, you don't have any of those awesome tools, let alone a lift in your garage. To Chris Duke, host of the TV series "Motorz", keeping how-to installations real for enthusiasts became his calling. By showing the average Joe how to install products on his vehicle using common tools he has in his garage, anyone can walk away from an episode having the confidence to go out and buy that product they always wanted on their ride and install it themselves.

Here are the PPC parts that we sent them for the show:

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Trans Dapt 9604
Details  •  Trans Dapt Performance  •  Chrome Long Water Pump Single Upper Pulley
Our Price: $30.97
Trans Dapt 9604 Chrome Long Water Pump Single Upper Pulley
Trans Dapt 9446
Details  •  Trans Dapt Performance  •  Chrome Single Groove Alternator Pulley and Fan
Our Price: $24.97
Trans Dapt 9446 Chrome Single Groove Alternator Pulley and Fan
Trans Dapt 2310
Details  •  Trans Dapt Performance  •  Fuel Pump Mount Plate
Our Price: $5.97
Trans Dapt 2310 Fuel Pump Mount Plate
Mr Gasket 5322G
Details  •  Mr. Gasket  •  Crank Pulley Bolts
Our Price: $4.95
Mr. Gasket's crankshaft pulley botls are made from Grade 5 steel for strength and durability. They provide a clean professional appearance and are zinc plated to resist corrosion.
Mr Gasket 5322G Crank Pulley Bolts
Fits 1955-1992, small Chevrolet V8s,
and 1965-1990, big block Chevrolet V8s
Mr Gasket 5335
Details  •  Mr. Gasket  •  Valve Cover Nuts Clear Aluminum
Our Price: $14.95
These valve cover nuts are custom machined from billet aluminum. Then the top is knurled for easy hand tightening. They are 2" tall, 1/2" OD, have a 3/16" socket head, and come complete with four...
Mr Gasket 5335 Custom valve
Powermaster 17802
Details  •  Powermaster  •  Chrome GM CS130 Alternator w/V-belt & Serp. Pul. 105A
Our Price: $185.95
These Powermaster street alternators feature all the quality construction and dependability Powermaster is famous for. They're available in a variety of amperages and styles, allowing you to choose...
Powermaster 17802 Alternator, Internal Regulator, 105 Amp, Chrome Plated, Chevy/GMC/Pontiac/Oldsmobile
Powermaster 9000
Details  •  Powermaster  •  Natural Starter Chevy Mini 1.4KW
Our Price: $176.95
With their gear-reduction drives, heavy-duty PowerMaster Mastertorque starters really crank out the power--180 ft.-lbs. of torque. So they can handle engines with compression ratios as high as...
Powermaster 9000 Starter, Mastertorque, Mini, Inline, Black Painted, Chevy
ARP 100-2901
Details  •  ARP - Automotive Racing Product  •  Chevy Internal Balance & Ford flexplate bolt kit
Our Price: $9.90
ARP's 100-2901 High performance flexplate bolts are superior to OEM bolts and should be considered mandatory in any high performance street or racing applications. The 100-2901 bolts are forged...
ARP 100-2901 High performance Flexplate Bolts
Fits 265-454 cu.in. Chevrolet V8s
and Chevrolet 90 degree V6
ARP 134-8701
Details  •  ARP - Automotive Racing Product  •  SB Chevy fuel pump push rod kit
Our Price: $17.18
Stock fuel pump pushrods have been known to break at the worst possible time. ARP's 134-8701 fuel pump pushrod will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with proven reliability and...
ARP 134-8701 Fuel Pump Pushrod
Fits small block Chevrolet V8
Proform 141-638
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Linear Wire Looms
Our Price: $57.97
Keeping your plug wires neat and organized will help them perform better and last longer. These linear wire looms from Proform use the mounting bolts on your valve covers to hold the wires in a...
Proform 141-638 Ignition Wire Loom
Fits 1959-1986, small block Chevrolet V8
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32 Total Results - 4 Pages
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