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Accel 77063S
Accel 77063S Kit Wb O2 Gauge & Harness 75x75
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Accel 77063S
Accel 77063S linear oxygen sensor accessory kit with digital gauge
Our Price: $177.95
UPC 743047821466
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Application: Street/Strip
Accel 77063S linear oxygen sensor accessory kit with digital gauge

The Accel 77063S sensor measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gasses in order to tell the ECM how much fuel to inject for optimum air-fuel mixture. ACCEL/DFI's gas-tight ceramic body uses zirconium dioxide stabilized with yttrium oxide for high durability and accurate measurement. Platinum electrodes ensure positive catalytic reaction.
Contents Please check and make sure there are no missing parts.

1-Wide Band O2 sensor. 1-30" Extension Harness.

1-Control Unit (Black Box). 1-Digital Gauge.

1-Gauge Supply Harness. 1-Power Supply Harness.

1-O2 Sensor Bung. 1-Anti-seize compound.

Tools required for installation

Soldering Iron & Heat Shrink (Recommended Method).

Wire Cutters & Stripers.

Slotted Screwdriver.

Phillips Screwdriver.

7/8" Wrench.

NOTE for vehicles not equipped with a 02 Sensor bung. You will also need a Welder and a Drill with a 9/16" or 15mm drill bit.
For Vehicles not equipped with a 02 Sensor bung start at step 1.
For Vehicles with O2 Sensor bungs skip to Step 3.
Step 1
Check for clearance for the O2 Sensor before drilling hole. Drill 9/16"or 15mm hole for O2 Sensor bung. Do Not mount O2 Sensor underneath or on the short side radius. See drawing for typical O2 Sensor mounting locations.
Step 2
Center the O2 Sensor bung over drilled hole then weld the O2 Sensor bung to the exhaust pipe or collector. Weld entire perimeter of bung to ensure an air tight seal.
Step 3
Make sure the exhaust system has no leaks. Any exhaust leak will cause the O2 Sensor to give incorrect readings.
Step 4
Liberally coat the threads of the O2 Sensor with the included anti-seize and thread it into place. Tighten to 12 ft. lbs. of torque.
Step 5
Securely mount the sensor Control Unit within 3 feet of the O2 Sensor. Connect the 02 Sensor to the 30" Extension harness. Use Caution and route the harness away from all moving parts and heat sources. Connect the Extension harness to the Control Unit.
Step 6
Connect the Black 4 pin connector to the power supply harness. Connect the fused Red 10 Amp wire to a 12 volt positive switched (energized with key on) source.Attach Black wire to a chassis ground. Be sure to clean area to insure a good connection.
Step 7
Securely mount the gauge in the passenger compartment of the car, mount the gauge out of the line of sight as to not interfere with driving visibility. Connect the Gray 2 pin connector to the Gauge supply harness. The Red wire goes to the gauge Positive terminal and the Black wire goes to the gauge Negative terminal.
For Turbo applications mount O2 Sensor at least 8" away from the Turbo discharge.

Accel ignition
Shipping Weight/Dimensions:
Weight:1.32 lbs
Height:3.00 in.
Length:13.50 in.
Width:5.50 in.
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