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Very Mild Performance These matched engine systems are ideal for performance minded enthusiasts that want improved power, excellent drivability, and fuel economy. The horsepower and torque bands of a very mild engine are closer to typical highway cruising ranges and are ideal for daily driven vehicles. Horsepower and torque have been improved over stock and therefore this engine set up is ideal for towing up to 7,500 lbs. Components are designed to be used with stock pistons and heads so regular 87 octane fuel can be used. Stock exhaust is assumed, however, as with any engine, improving exhaust flow could help performance, and with these engines, could improve fuel economy. We recommend high flow mufflers as a minimum exhaust system upgrade.
Mild Performance This engine system is a step above the very mild engine system. Although along the same lines, it is intended for the street rod and street car enthusiasts that are looking for more torque and horsepower, better throttle response and be able to cruise the highways with decent fuel economy. Since this system produces less torque it is only recommended for light towing up to 4500 lbs. This system can be used with stock pistons and heads and can run on regular to mid-grade fuel. We always recommend improving air flow in and out of an engine and with this system we recommend an ignition upgrade.
Strong Performance This engine system is intended for the serious street rodder and muscle car enthusiasts. These system components will give you the ability to feel the power that was available in the great muscle cars of the mid to late sixty's. As seen on the graph below the horsepower is becoming substantially greater than the two systems before. The horsepower and torque are becoming close in number value but are spreading as far as peak rpms. This system is not recommended for towing. With the increase in horsepower the fuel economy is going to drop considerably from the previous system. With this system we recommend that you get more serious about the air flow in and out of your engine and the ignition system. Follow the carburetor and camshaft recommendations closely as these engines need to breathe to perform.
Pro Street Performance These system components are designed to help you achieve the ultimate pro street machine. The chart below shows that the horsepower and torque numbers are moving up in the rpm band. Therefore the mid range power and torque are increasing while the bottom end is decreasing. This is because of the increase in camshaft lift and duration along with carburetor cfm. To make up for the loss in bottom end power you will need a larger stall converter along with a lower gear ratio. This system is not fuel economy friendly. This system requires the use of high grade pump gas or racing fuel, depending on your final compression ratio number. A compression ratio of 10:1 with aluminum heads is capable of using high grade pump gas. With a compression ratio of 10:1 or greater we recommend the use of race gas with an octane rating of 105 or greater.
Super Pro Bracket Performance Super Pro Bracket suggested system components for a 355 cubic inch small block Chevy. Peak horsepower and peak torque are up higher in the rpm band than the pro street system. Lower rpm torque is less due the larger duration and lift specs of the camshaft. This engine uses a larger cfm carburetor, larger camshaft, and higher compression ratio. This engine is not streetable and fuel economy is no where in this picture. The ET that this engine is capable of producing will be determined by the type of vehicle it is installed into. By following the "Recommended matching components" list and the system components list you will be able to build the ultimate engine for your bracket racing needs.
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