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Pro Recommends Results: Pro Street • Chevy 1969-1985 350 • Ignition
Pro Recommends • Pro Street • Chevy 1969-1985 350 • Ignition
Our Price: $915.40
- MSD Ignition 8223 • Blaster 3 Coil
- Mr. Gasket 4472 • Ignition Wire Markers 8mm
- MSD Ignition 85551 • Distributor Chevy V8 Pro-Billet w/Cap Rotor
- MSD Ignition 31239 • Wire Set Super Cond. 8 Cyl 90deg Plug Socket/HEI Cap
- MSD Ignition 8467 • Racing Rotor MSD Billet Distributors
- MSD Ignition 8471 • Distributor Gear Bronze .500in ID
- MSD Ignition 8433 • Distributor Cap
- MSD Ignition 8843 • Pro-Clamp Wire Separators
- Proform Parts 66985 • Heavy Duty Aluminum Hold Down Clamps
- Taylor Cable/Vertex 42500 • 7-8mm Horizontal Wire Loom Kit Black
- MSD Ignition 35051 • Pro Crimp Tool Ratchet Action
- MSD Ignition 6425 • MSD-6AL Digital Ignition w/Rev Limiter
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MSD 8223
Details  •  MSD Ignition  •  Blaster 3 Coil
Our Price: $48.91
If you are looking to upgrade your stock coil, or want to compliment the performance of your MSD Blaster Ignition, MSD 5, 6 or 7, the Blaster Coil line is the right choice. The Blaster 3 Coil's...
MSD 8223 "Blaster 3" ignition coil.
Mr Gasket 4472
Details  •  Mr. Gasket  •  Ignition Wire Markers 8mm
Our Price: $2.95
Use Mr. Gasket wire markers and eliminate firing order errors. They are easy to read with black numbers on white rings and they are oil and grease resistant.
Mr Gasket 4472 Wire markers.
MSD 85551
Details  •  MSD Ignition  •  Distributor Chevy V8 Pro-Billet w/Cap Rotor
Our Price: $254.95
MSD 85551 features CNC-machined billet aluminum housing and billet aluminum base. MSD 85551 has easy-to-adjust mechanical advance with supplied springs and stop bushings; and, the maintenance-free...
Chevy V8 Pro-Billet Distributor • 6061-T6 aluminum housing • Polished steel shaft • Special oil tract • Easy-to-adjust mechanical advance • Made in USA
MSD 31239
Details  •  MSD Ignition  •  Wire Set Super Cond. 8 Cyl 90deg Plug Socket/HEI Cap
Our Price: $99.91
MSD's Super Conductor wire combines ultra low resistance with the ability to suppress interference into the ultimate performance wire. It uses a copper alloy conductor that delivers more energy to...
MSD 31239 Universal Super Conductor wire set. Fits 8 cylinder engines.
MSD 8467
Details  •  MSD Ignition  •  Racing Rotor MSD Billet Distributors
Our Price: $10.15
This racing distributor rotor is designed for high rpm and is the rotor that is standard inside all of MSD Pro-Billet distributors. It is injection molded from Rynite for high dielectric properties...
MSD 8467 Rotor. Fits MSD and GM distributors with window caps.
MSD 8471
Details  •  MSD Ignition  •  Distributor Gear Bronze .500in ID
Our Price: $56.05
This bronze distributor gear from MSD is machined from high quality AMPCO 45 aluminum bronze alloy containing 5% nickel. This creates a high strength gear that resists wear even when used with high...
MSD 8471 Distributor gear. Fits Chevrolet V8s.
MSD 8433
Details  •  MSD Ignition  •  Distributor Cap
Our Price: $36.67
MSD molds our most popular V8 distributor caps-in-house from injection molded DuPont Rynite material and they feature spark plug style terminals. These terminals offer improved locking connections...
MSD 8433 Distributor cap fits GM points style distributor.
MSD 8843
Details  •  MSD Ignition  •  Pro-Clamp Wire Separators
Our Price: $21.37
MSD's "Pro-Clamp" wire separators are important to keep your plug wires away from each other preventing inductive cross fire and spark loss. They will also help hold your wires away from high heat...
MSD 8843 "Pro-Clamp" wire separators.
Proform 66985
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Heavy Duty Aluminum Hold Down Clamps
Our Price: $22.97
Now you can color key your distributor's hold down clamp to the rest of your engine compartment. This heavy duty aluminum clamp adds that final touch of color and comes with the stud, nut, and...
Proform 66985 Distributor hold down clamp. Fits small and big block Chevrolet V8s
Taylor 42500
Details  •  Taylor Cable/Vertex  •  7-8mm Horizontal Wire Loom Kit Black
Our Price: $28.95
Taylor's wire loom kit consists of two each, two and three wire separators, and four each of four wire separators, and six horizontal brackets. With this kit you can run your wires horizontally...
Taylor 42500 Taylor 042500 Spark plug wire loom kit
MSD 35051
Details  •  MSD Ignition  •  Pro Crimp Tool Ratchet Action
Our Price: $82.57
If you need to make up large numbers of plug wire sets or you do a lot of custom wiring, the Pro-Crimp II from MSD is the one tool you need. The Pro-Crimp II features interchangeable jaws giving...
MSD 35051 Pro-Crimp II tool
MSD 6425
Details  •  MSD Ignition  •  MSD-6AL Digital Ignition w/Rev Limiter
Our Price: $249.95
MSD 6425 is compatible on 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines with 12-volt, negative ground electrical systems and will accept trigger inputs from breaker points, amplifiers and magnetic pickups. MSD 6425...
Digital 6AL Ignition Control • Soft touch rev control • Built-in LED for system checks • Compatible for 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines • 530 primary volts • 135mJ of spark energy •...
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