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Pro Recommends Results: Pro Street • Pontiac 1971-1981 350-455 • Valvetrain
Pro Recommends • Pro Street • Pontiac 1971-1981 350-455 • Valvetrain
Our Price: $698.60
- Competition Cams 611-16 • 11/32 Super Lock
- Competition Cams 740-16 • 1.437 Steel Retainer
- Competition Cams 995-16 • Valve Springs
- Competition Cams 503-16 • 11/32 Teflon Valve Steam Seal
- Competition Cams 3112 • Pontiac Hi-Tech Roller Set
- Competition Cams 4757 • 1.500 Spring Shim Kit
- Competition Cams 4851-8 • Pontiac 5/16 Guide Plates
- Competition Cams 51-316-4 • Drag Race Cam P8 296AH-8
- Competition Cams 7789-16 • Hi-Tech Pushrod 5/16 9.300
- Competition Cams 863-16 • Pro Magnum Hydraulic Lifters
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Comp Cams 611-16
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  11/32 Super Lock
Our Price: $21.97
"Super Locks" valve locks from Comp Cams feature a wider 10 degree angle to better distribute the higher valve spring loads so common in today's high performance engines. They are made of a tough...
Comp Cams 611-16 "Super Locks" valve locks.
Comp Cams 740-16
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  1.437 Steel Retainer
Our Price: $52.95
Comp Cams' steel valve spring retainers are machined from 4140 chromemoly steel to handle the higher valve spring pressures of today's performance engines. These retainers are designed for positive...
Comp Cams 740-16 Steel Valve Spring Retainer
Comp Cams 995-16
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Valve Springs
Our Price: $99.97
Valve springs must be carefully matched to your camshaft and suited for the intended application. This is critical in order to use all of the performance potential that is built into your engine....
Comp Cams 995-16 Dual valve spring For hydraulic cam.
Comp Cams 503-16
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  11/32 Teflon Valve Steam Seal
Our Price: $21.97
Valve stem seals are required to keep engine oil from entering the combustion chamber through the clearance in the valve guides. The umbrella style seal is for when a larger than stock diameter...
Comp Cams 503-16 Positive stop teflon valve stem seals
Comp Cams 3112
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Pontiac Hi-Tech Roller Set
Our Price: $59.95
Comp Cams "Hi-Tech" double roller timing chain sets are designed for extreme racing applications. The large pin double roller chains are heat treated and pre-stretched for longer life and they...
Comp Cams 3112 "Hi-Tech" timing chain set. Fits 1955-1982, 326-455 cu.in. Pontiac V8s.
Comp Cams 4757
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  1.500 Spring Shim Kit
Our Price: $19.95
Valve spring shims can be used to precisely adjust the installed height of each spring until they are all equal. These shims from Comp Cams are made from the finest quality shim stock and heat...
Comp Cams 4757 Valve spring shim kit.
Comp Cams 4851-8
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Pontiac 5/16 Guide Plates
Our Price: $18.95
Today's performance engines with their high spring pressures and high valve lifts require the use of guide plates on the pushrods. Comp Cams' guide plates are designed using state-of-the-art stereo...
Comp Cams 4851-8 Push rod guide plates. Fits 350-455 cu.in. Pontiac V8s
Comp Cams 51-316-4
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Drag Race Cam P8 296AH-8
Our Price: $144.99
Comp Cams has an extensive line of hydraulic lifter camshafts specifically designed for competitive racing. Using the latest in computer technology, the engineers at Comp Cams can produce an almost...
Comp Cams 51-316-4 Drag race hydraulic flat tappet camshaft. Fits 1955-1981, 265-455 cu.in. Pontiac V8s
Comp Cams 7789-16
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Hi-Tech Pushrod 5/16 9.300
Our Price: $147.95
Comp Cams "Hi-Tech" push rods are ideal for unlimited race engine applications. They stand up to the higher valve spring pressures and stresses that are common in these types of engines because...
Comp Cams 7789-16 "Hi-Tech" performance pushrods. Universal fit
Comp Cams 863-16
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Pro Magnum Hydraulic Lifters
Our Price: $109.95
Comp Cams' "Pro Magnum" hydraulic valve lifters offer an advantage over other brands because they are designed specifically for higher engine rpm. They are ideal for use in racing applications...
Comp Cams 863-16 "Pro Magnum" Hydraulic valve lifters. Fits 260-455 cu.in. Oldsmobile V8s
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