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Pro Recommends Results: Pro Street • Ford 1986-1995 5.0 EFI • Air and Fuel
Pro Recommends • Pro Street • Ford 1986-1995 5.0 EFI • Air and Fuel
Our Price: $2848.89
- Nitrous Oxide Systems 05115NOS • EFI Nitrous System
- Professional Products 54020 • 5.0L Ford EFI Intake System Polished
- Professional Products 69202 • 75mm Throttle Body Polished
- Professional Products 69502 • 75mm EGR Plate
- Edelbrock Corporation 7123 • Intake Manifold Perf 50 RPM Ii
- Edelbrock Corporation 3829 • EGR Plate
- Edelbrock Corporation 3826 • 75 MM Throttle Body 50L
- Accel Performance 150830 • Perf Fuel Injectors 30lb 8-Pak
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NOS 05115NOS
Details  •  Nitrous Oxide Systems  •  EFI Nitrous System
Our Price: $636.95
This is the basic “dry” system that injects Nitrous into the intake tract while the extra fuel is delivered by the EFI system. It will produce a conservative 75–100 extra horsepower. For more...
NOS 05115NOS Features  50HP Over The Base Kit  Upgrade Without Wasting Parts  Larger Fuel Pump Adds Safety
Professional Products 54020
Details  •  Professional Products  •  5.0L Ford EFI Intake System Polished
Our Price: $556.95
The Professional Products Typhoon intake system for injected Mustangs is suitable for high performance street use or bracket racing, and in nitrous, or supercharged applications. You will realize...
Professional Products 54020 Power Plus Typhoon intake manifold. Fits 1986-1995, Ford Mustang, 5.0L V8. This is a stock replacement assembly with provisions for EGR and PCV.
Professional Products 69202
Details  •  Professional Products  •  75mm Throttle Body Polished
Our Price: $177.95
Professional Products throttle bodies are beautifully cast in permanent molds which produce higher quality castings and parts with a much better finish than conventional sand molds. All of the...
Professional Products 69202 75mm throttle body. Fits 1986-1993, Ford Mustang 5.0L V8.
Professional Products 69502
Details  •  Professional Products  •  75mm EGR Plate
Our Price: $57.95
Required for the installation of Professional Products 69202 throttle body.
Professional Products 69502 75mm EGR plate. Fits 1986-1993, Ford Mustang 5.0L V8.
Edelbrock 7123
Details  •  Edelbrock Corporation  •  Intake Manifold Perf 50 RPM Ii
Our Price: $710.21
The Performer 5.0 RPM II has shown significant increases in horsepower over any other design in the 1500 to 6500 RPM range and is an excellent choice for street or strip. The secret is in the...
Edelbrock 7123 Performer RPM II intake manifold Fits 1986-1995, Ford Mustang with 5.0L V8.
Edelbrock 3829
Details  •  Edelbrock Corporation  •  EGR Plate
Our Price: $99.91
Edelbrock's EGR plates have you covered when it comes to affordability and performance. They are cast from the highest quality 356 aluminum and are CNC-machined to ensure a perfect fit on your car...
Edelbrock 3829 EGR Plate, Aluminum, Natural, 75mm, Ford, 5.0L EFI
Edelbrock 3826
Details  •  Edelbrock Corporation  •  75 MM Throttle Body 50L
Our Price: $323.02
Edelbrock's throttle bodies are designed, cast, and machined by them in their own factory. Then they are assembled and tested using sophisticated machinery to electronically set the butterflies...
Edelbrock 3826 75mm throttle body for 5.0L Ford Mustang. 1986-1993 5.0L Mustang.
Accel 150830
Details  •  Accel Performance  •  Perf Fuel Injectors 30lb 8-Pak
Our Price: $285.95
Accel Performance fuel injectors precisely control fuel delivery and atomization with a wide angle conical spray pattern of 150 micron diameter droplets, and accurate, consistently repeatable fuel...
Accel 150830 Fuel injectors.
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