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Pro Recommends Results: Very Mild • Chevy 1986-1995 350 • Valvetrain
Pro Recommends • Very Mild • Chevy 1986-1995 350 • Valvetrain
Our Price: $719.70
- Competition Cams 742-16 • 11/32 1.250 Steel Retainer
- Competition Cams 812-16 • High Energy Hydraulic Lifters
- Competition Cams 4808-8 • CS 5/16 Guide Plate (Flat)
- Competition Cams 7812-16 • CS High Energy Pushrod
- Competition Cams 12-205-2 • High Energy/Marine Cam CS 252H-10
- Competition Cams CL12-205-2 • Cam and Lifter Kit - CS 252H
- Competition Cams 980-16 • Valve Spring 1.250 Outer with Dampner
- Competition Cams 202 • Fiber Type Cam Button
- Competition Cams 4605 • Chevy Cam Lock Plate
- Competition Cams 502-16 • 11/32 Umbrella Seal
- Competition Cams 601-16 • 11/32 Single Groove Lock
- ARP - Automotive Racing Product 300-1001 • Chevy cam bolt kit
- Competition Cams 1212-16 • High Energy Rocker Arms
- Competition Cams 3200 • CS Timing Chain Set
- Competition Cams 4611-3 • Chevy V-8 Cam Bolt
- Competition Cams 4753 • 1.250 Spring Shim Kit
- Competition Cams 4760 • Cam Degree Bushing Set
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Comp Cams 742-16
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  11/32 1.250 Steel Retainer
Our Price: $52.95
Comp Cams' steel valve spring retainers are machined from 4140 chromemoly steel to handle the higher valve spring pressures of today's performance engines. These retainers are designed for positive...
Comp Cams 742-16 Steel valve spring retainer Fits 283-400 cu.in. Chevrolet V8 and 90 degree V6
Comp Cams 812-16
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  High Energy Hydraulic Lifters
Our Price: $76.95
Comp Cams "High Energy" valve lifters give you an advantage that other brands can't. They have a patented constant orifice metering valve that provides a precise amount of oil to the rocker arms....
Comp Cams 812-16 "High Energy" hydraulic valve lifters Fits both small and big block Chevrolet V8s.
Comp Cams 4808-8
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  CS 5/16 Guide Plate (Flat)
Our Price: $17.95
Today's performance engines with their high spring pressures and high valve lifts require the use of guide plates on the pushrods. Comp Cams' guide plates are designed using state-of-the-art stereo...
Comp Cams 4808-8 Push rod guide plates. Fits 265-400 cu.in. Chevrolet V8
Comp Cams 7812-16
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  CS High Energy Pushrod
Our Price: $26.97
"High Energy" pushrods from Comp Cams are your best choice for a daily driver or mild performance street machine. These pushrods are manufactured to meet or exceed all OEM specifications and they...
Comp Cams 7812-16 "High Energy" Pushrods. Fits 1955 and later, 262-400 cu.in. Chevrolet V8 with flat tappet cam
Comp Cams 12-205-2
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  High Energy/Marine Cam CS 252H-10
Our Price: $119.95
The "High Energy" cam from Comp Cams is a high torque cam that will work very well on the street. It is designed for engines with 10:1 or less compression and can be used with stock carburetors,...
Comp Cams 12-205-2 "High Energy" hydraulic flat tappet camshaft. Fits 1955-1998, 262-400 cu.in. Chevrolet V8.
Comp Cams CL12-205-2
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Cam and Lifter Kit - CS 252H
Our Price: $184.95
The "High Energy" cam from Comp Cams is a high torque cam that will work very well on the street. It is designed for engines with 10:1 or less compression and can be used with stock carburetors,...
Comp Cams CL12-205-2 "High Energy" hydraulic flat tappet camshaft and lifters. Fits 1955-1998, 262-400 cu.in. Chevrolet V8.
Comp Cams 980-16
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Valve Spring 1.250 Outer with Dampner
Our Price: $47.95
Making technologically advanced COMP Cams valve springs begins with the manufacture of material for each specific spring application. Valve spring demands in the rigorous applications of high...
Comp Cams 980-16 Valve Springs
Comp Cams 202
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Fiber Type Cam Button
Our Price: $6.95
Because the lobes on roller cams are ground flat and have no taper like a flat tappet cam there needs to be some way to hold the camshaft to the rear of the engine. This nylon thrust button is...
Comp Cams 202 Camshaft thrust button. Fits 265-400 Chevrolet V8s.
Comp Cams 4605
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Chevy Cam Lock Plate
Our Price: $3.95
The bendable tabs on Comp Cams' cam lock plate will ensure that the cam bolts don't back out no matter what rpm level or load they receive. Once the included high-strength bolts are properly...
Comp Cams 4605 Cam lock plate. Fits small block Chevrolet V8s.
Comp Cams 502-16
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  11/32 Umbrella Seal
Our Price: $11.95
Valve stem seals are required to keep engine oil from entering the combustion chamber through the clearance in the valve guides. The umbrella style seal is for when a larger than stock diameter...
Comp Cams 502-16 Umbrella style valve stem seals
Comp Cams 601-16
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  11/32 Single Groove Lock
Our Price: $12.97
Comp Cams 7 degree replacement type valve locks are recommended for stock engine rebuilds or applications with light valve spring loads. They are stamped and hardened for superior wear resistance...
Comp Cams 601-16 Valve Locks
ARP 300-1001
Details  •  ARP - Automotive Racing Product  •  Chevy cam bolt kit
Our Price: $6.46
These high-quality ARP cam bolts have increased pre-load clamping force to ensure positive timing gear register. Their increased material strength overcomes valvetrain harmonics and stress. These...
ARP 300-1001 Cam Bolts, Pro Series, Black Oxide, 5/16 in.-18 Thread, Chevy, Big/Small Block, Set of 3
Comp Cams 1212-16
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  High Energy Rocker Arms
Our Price: $79.95
Eliminate the noise and slop of your worn out rocker arms with these "High Energy" replacement rockers from Comp Cams. They are inexpensive, quality made rockers that match or exceed factory...
Comp Cams 1212-16 "High Energy" rocker arms. Fits 265-400 cu.in. Chevrolet V8s
Comp Cams 3200
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  CS Timing Chain Set
Our Price: $32.95
A Comp Cams "High Energy" timing chain set is your best choice if you're building a street rod, muscle car, or any high performance car for everyday driving. These chain sets are manufactured to...
Comp Cams 3200 "High Energy" timing chain set. Fits 1955-1991, 265-400 cu.in Chevrolet V8 and, 1978 to present Chevrolet 90 degree V6. (Except those with a factory roller cam)
Comp Cams 4611-3
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Chevy V-8 Cam Bolt
Our Price: $6.95
Comp Cams' camshaft bolts are made from high tensile strength steel and are rated at 170,000 psi. They are designed to eliminate the possibility of breakage and are the perfect item to finish off...
Comp Cams 4611-3 Camshaft bolts Fits Chevrolet V8s and 90 degree V6s.
Comp Cams 4753
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  1.250 Spring Shim Kit
Our Price: $19.95
Valve spring shims can be used to precisely adjust the installed height of each spring until they are all equal. These shims from Comp Cams are made from the finest quality shim stock and heat...
Comp Cams 4753 Valve spring shim kit.
Comp Cams 4760
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Cam Degree Bushing Set
Our Price: $9.95
Comp Cams' degree bushings for camshafts accurately re-position the cam for fine tuning of the timing. They are precision machined, and color coded for easy identification.
Comp Cams 4760 Cam degree bushing kit.
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