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Pro Recommends Results: Mild • Chevy 1986-1995 350 • Ignition
Pro Recommends • Mild • Chevy 1986-1995 350 • Ignition
Our Price: $416.96
- Accel Performance 140003 • CD Racing Supercoil
- Mr. Gasket 4472 • Ignition Wire Markers 8mm
- Accel Performance 35361 • GM HEI 74-95 Ign Mdltr W/Greas
- Mr. Gasket 6016 • Custom Wire Loom Kit
- Proform Parts 66941RC • HEI Electric Distributor W/Coil Red Cap Polished
- Proform Parts 66947RC • Distributor Cap & Rotor Red Clamshell
- Mr. Gasket 9728 • Plastic Wire Separators Black
- Proform Parts 66985 • Heavy Duty Aluminum Hold Down Clamps
- Taylor Cable/Vertex 42500 • 7-8mm Horizontal Wire Loom Kit Black
- MSD Ignition 35051 • Pro Crimp Tool Ratchet Action
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Accel 140003
Details  •  Accel Performance  •  CD Racing Supercoil
Our Price: $69.95
Accel's 140003 HEI in cap super coil has been engineered for higher energy output that results in quicker starting, improved idle, crisp throttle response, and more power at higher rpm. It is...
Accel 140003 HEI Super Coil Fits most 1973-1991, GM V8s.
Mr Gasket 4472
Details  •  Mr. Gasket  •  Ignition Wire Markers 8mm
Our Price: $2.95
Use Mr. Gasket wire markers and eliminate firing order errors. They are easy to read with black numbers on white rings and they are oil and grease resistant.
Mr Gasket 4472 Wire markers.
Accel 35361
Details  •  Accel Performance  •  GM HEI 74-95 Ign Mdltr W/Greas
Our Price: $41.95
An Accel ignition control module will fit in most stock and even some modified distributors and through solid state electronics it will provide a high coil output and superior reliability. It has a...
Accel 35361 Ignition Module Fits 4-Pin GM HEI.
Mr Gasket 6016
Details  •  Mr. Gasket  •  Custom Wire Loom Kit
Our Price: $12.95
This custom wire loom kit from Mr. Gasket will help eliminate crossfiring and prevent heat damage to your spark plug wires, while giving them a neat and custom look. Made from heat-resistant black...
Mr Gasket 6016 Custom wire l
Proform 66941RC
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  HEI Electric Distributor W/Coil Red Cap Polished
Our Price: $126.75
This is a 100% new distributor with no rebuilt or reconditioned parts. It is designed to meet the demands of competition and has all of the same reliable components of the Proform 66940, but with...
Proform 66941RC HEI Racing distributor with coil Fits small and big block Chevrolet V8s
Proform 66947RC
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Distributor Cap & Rotor Red Clamshell
Our Price: $24.97
High voltages, high temperatures, and current surges can all turn your normal rotor and distributor cap into junk. This affordable rotor and cap kit from Proform is molded from premium quality...
Proform 66947RC Distributor cap and rotor set Fits most GM V8s
Mr Gasket 9728
Details  •  Mr. Gasket  •  Plastic Wire Separators Black
Our Price: $2.95
Mr. Gaskets wire separator kits will help to minimize cross firing by keeping your ignition wires apart. They work equally well for competition or street use and are made from a heat resistant...
Mr Gasket 9728 Competition w
Proform 66985
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Heavy Duty Aluminum Hold Down Clamps
Our Price: $22.97
Now you can color key your distributor's hold down clamp to the rest of your engine compartment. This heavy duty aluminum clamp adds that final touch of color and comes with the stud, nut, and...
Proform 66985 Distributor hold down clamp. Fits small and big block Chevrolet V8s
Taylor 42500
Details  •  Taylor Cable/Vertex  •  7-8mm Horizontal Wire Loom Kit Black
Our Price: $28.95
Taylor's wire loom kit consists of two each, two and three wire separators, and four each of four wire separators, and six horizontal brackets. With this kit you can run your wires horizontally...
Taylor 42500 Taylor 042500 Spark plug wire loom kit
MSD 35051
Details  •  MSD Ignition  •  Pro Crimp Tool Ratchet Action
Our Price: $82.57
If you need to make up large numbers of plug wire sets or you do a lot of custom wiring, the Pro-Crimp II from MSD is the one tool you need. The Pro-Crimp II features interchangeable jaws giving...
MSD 35051 Pro-Crimp II tool
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