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Pro Recommends Results: Strong • Chevy 1986-1995 350 • Tools and Garage
Pro Recommends • Strong • Chevy 1986-1995 350 • Tools and Garage
Our Price: $189.82
- Proform Parts 66514 • Harmonic Balancer Installer / Puller
- Competition Cams 4790 • Degree Wheel
- Competition Cams 4925 • Cam Checking Tool
- Competition Cams 5301 • EZ Valve Lash Wrench 5/8in
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Proform 66514
Details  •  Proform Parts  •  Harmonic Balancer Installer / Puller
Our Price: $74.97
This harmonic balancer puller and installer tool from Proform is equipped with a roller thrust bearing for easy use. It will also work for steering wheel installation and removal.
Proform 66514 Harmonic Balancer Installation/Puller Tool Fits Ford, Chrysler, and GM engines
Comp Cams 4790
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Degree Wheel
Our Price: $16.95
The Sportman degree wheel from Comp Cams can provide exceptional accuracy and precision at an affordable price. Its 9" size makes it useable on the engine stand or in the vehicle and the high...
Comp Cams 4790 Degree wheel
Comp Cams 4925
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  Cam Checking Tool
Our Price: $54.95
This cam degreeing tool fits down the lifter bore and rides directly on the cam lobe to measure lift at the lobe and base circle runout. The tool comes with two followers, one for hydraulic and...
Comp Cams 4925 Camshaft Degree Tool Fits GM and Ford
Comp Cams 5301
Details  •  Competition Cams  •  EZ Valve Lash Wrench 5/8in
Our Price: $42.95
This tool eliminates the need for three hands to perform valve adjustments. Comp Cams high quality E-Z valve lash wrenches are made from 17-4 stainless steel that's been heat treated and then...
Comp Cams 5301 EZ Valve Lash Wrench
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